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Dr. Gary Graber

Besides his doctoral specialization (Prayer Book Revision in the Church of England in the early 20th century), Gary has researched interest in Pre-Constantinian Christianity, the Protestant Reformation, Church & State relations, and Anglican liturgy and doctrine. He served on the staff at Reformed Theological Seminary for several years and was an intern with Irish Church Missions in Dublin and Belfast. Gary is an adjunct professor at Wycliffe College in the University of Toronto and, for the past sixteen years, has taught at James Settee College for Ministry for Indigenous People in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, where he has served as Principal since 2010. His most recent publication is a chapter in Change and Transformation: Essays in Anglican History (Pickwick), and he has served as a reviewer for Anglican and Episcopal History. He is married to Lynne.

ThD, University of Toronto (Wycliffe), 2007
ThM, University of Toronto (Wycliffe), 1991
MDiv, Reformed Theological Seminary, 1986
BA, Arizona State University, 1980