Our Story

John Charles Ryle  by Carlo Pellegrini Watercolour Published in  Vanity Fair , 26 March 1881 National Portrait Gallery 4743

John Charles Ryle
by Carlo Pellegrini
Published in Vanity Fair, 26 March 1881
National Portrait Gallery 4743

Ryle Seminary is an evangelical, cross-denominational school seeking to equip students for confident gospel ministry. Founded in the Fall of 2012 as Ottawa Theological College, our name was changed in 2015 to Ryle Seminary in honour of John Charles Ryle, the noted Anglican evangelical clergyman, bishop, and biblical commentator of the late 19th century. We are unashamedly evangelical and reformed in theological outlook, cherishing the spiritual heritage passed on to us from the Reformation. Our objective is to train future generations of Church ministers, missionaries, and leaders, as well as providing lay Christian education. Our faculty and students come from a variety of evangelical denominations.




Ryle Seminary is based in Ottawa, ON at the Bible House on 315 Lisgar St, several blocks away from Parliament. We also have a second campus in Burlington, ON at St. George’s Anglican Church (near 407 and Appleby Line). All classes are Mondays and Wednesdays. Classes are taught on one campus and live-streamed to the other campus.



Founding Principles


We affirm the sufficiency and supremacy of the Bible, “God‘s Word written,” as our rule of faith, containing all things necessary for salvation.


We affirm that Jesus Christ’s death on the cross on our behalf was a full, perfect, and sufficient sacrifice for sin, that we are regenerated by the grace of God, justified through faith in Christ, and that there is no salvation available apart from him.


We affirm the Christian Church throughout the world as the company of faithful people where the pure Word of God is preached, and the two sacraments instituted by Christ – baptism and the Lord’s Supper – are observed.


We affirm the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion as containing the true doctrine of the Church and the Jerusalem Declaration as a contemporary expression of this heritage.*



We affirm the Great Commission’s mandate to make disciples of all nations and to help believers reach maturity in the faith.


We affirm and uphold a traditional understanding of biblical norms for marriage and personal morality.


We affirm working together with Christians across denominational lines in authentic, biblical ways and celebrating unity with fellow believers in essential matters, while respecting freedom of conscience in secondary areas.

Holy Spirit

We affirm the ministry of the Holy Spirit throughout history and in today’s world as equipping believers for ministry to others and building up God’s church through miraculously changed lives.


* Non-Anglicans should note this principle does not assert the exclusive validity of Anglican polity.