Our Mission

Equipping unashamed workers, unashamed of the Gospel, and unashamed of the whole counsel of God

Our Vision

Building strong local, Gospel churches at home and abroad – one leader at a time.

Our Founding History

In the past several decades, the mainline Anglican Church has increasingly drifted away from the firm Biblical moorings upon which it was founded. Biblical truths which are central to the Christian faith have been increasingly regarded as optional, or in some cases, entirely rejected on the grounds that they were unfit for modern society. Amid this theological digression, the Anglican Network in Canada was founded in 2008 to reclaim the Anglican orthodox faith. When the Ottawa Theological College opened its doors in the Fall of 2012 after three years of preparatory work, it was a natural outgrowth of this reassertion of the same principles and truth guiding ANiC. In the spring of 2015, the name was changed to Ryle Theological College, to honour John Charles Ryle, the noted Anglican evangelical clergyman, bishop, and Biblical commentator of the late 19th Century.



While Ryle Seminary is affiliated with a local congregation, Church of the Messiah, located in downtown Ottawa, it is itself academically independent and operates outside any formal denominational control. It has however, adopted doctrinal standards, which are congruent with those of the Anglican Network in Canada and the planning, formation and operation of the College has, from its beginning, met our bishop’s approval.



Ryle Seminary is governed by a board whose membership are required to subscribe to the College’s Founding Principles. The College is self-consciously evangelical and cross-denominational and approaches a reformed, Biblical faith.


We seek to serve the greater church by preparing men and women for lay and ordained ministry for service at home and abroad.