Ryle Seminary is pleased to have the following distinguished theologians and academics act as advisors to the administration and faculty.

Most Rev. Dr. Peter Jensen

D.Phil (Oxford)

General Secretary, GAFCON

Archbishop of Sydney, retired

Former Principal of Moore Theological College, Sydney

Rev. Dr. J. I. Packer

D.Phil. (Oxford)

Professor of Theology, Regent College, Vancouver

General Editor of the English Standard Version of the Bible

Theologian Emeritus of the Anglican Church in North America

Dr. David Lyle Jeffrey

Ph.D. (Princeton)

Distinguished Professor of Literature and the Humanities, Baylor

Professor Emeritus of English Literature, University of Ottawa

Dr. Michael Haykin

Th.D. (Wycliffe, University of Toronto)

Professor of Church History and Biblical Spirituality, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Director of the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies